The Line Interior Design & Architecture


The interior design studio The Line is the continuation of MM2 (2004-2010)
which in its new trajectory has positioned itself in retail stores, hotel trade and architecture.
Our professional experience since 1993 has included constructions and
facilities for Mango, Vanity Fair, Menbur, Intima Cherry and Gemma, among
others, not only at national but also international levels.

In the field of hotel trade and food we put together design and technology in  
collaboration with Aichinger, the world leading German brand in furniture and glass cabinet restoration.
We carry out all kinds of constructions, restorations and the design of new
houses and buildings, assuming projects, licenses, construction management and construction.
Our task is possible with the collaboration of experienced and reliable teams of
graphic designers, product designers, architects, engineers and suppliers
specialised in all sectors.

The studio deals with every project according to the client’s needs, from space
advising to the whole project of interior design or the creation of a new brand
concept (shops, franchises, corners, stands, pop-up stores, shop-in-shops…),
including budgets, licenses, construction management or the execution of works.

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